Hikvision firmware v3.4.100 build 180310 changelog

hikvision firmware v3.4.100 build 180310 changelog

hikvision firmware v3.4.100 build 180310 changelog

File/Direcory File Size Date .. -2020-07-13.txt : 102.00B: 2019-03-01: NVR_K74_BL_ML_STD_V3.4.100_180310.zip : 22.63MB: 2019-03-01

File/Direcory File Size Date .. -2019-03-01: NVR_K53_BL_ML_STD_V3.4.103_181226.zip : 23.64MB: 2019-03-01

DS-7604NI-K1/W V3.4.95 build 180607 DS-7608NI-K1 V3.4.101 build 181101 DS-96256NI-I24/H V4.1.64 build 190423 Customer Impact and Recommended Action This update refers to function/compatibility improvement and will take effect automatically after the Date of Change. We are very sorry for any inconvenience of use-habit changes caused by this action.

File/Direcory File Size Date .. -2020-07-13: NVR_K74_BL_ML_STD_V3.4.104_190424.zip : 25.44MB: 2019-11-01

DS-7804N-F1/W V3.4.100 build 190806 DS-7604N-K1/W V3.4.95 build 180607 DS-7816N-K1 V3.4.101 build 181101 DS-7816NB-K1 V3.4.108 build 191014 DS-7808N-F1/8P(B) V3.4.96 build 180130 DS-7608N-F1/8P V3.4.106 build 191014 . DS-7732N-E4/16P-V2 V3.4.103 build 190130 DS-7616NB-K2/16P V3.4.99 build 171121 DS-7732N-E4/16P V3.4.101 build 181024 DS-8664N-I8 V4.22.000 build 190821 V3.4.107 build …

 · Hikvision . Hikvision security. Thread ... I can't see anything untoward in the 'Log screen' and I recently updated the firmware to v3.4.100 Build 180310 . Phil Administrator. Staff member. Messages 3,751 Points 83. Apr 24, 2019 #6 Yes, that's the correct/latest firmware. Do you have another mouse that you could test it with? Is it any better if you try the other USB port? (there is one front ...

Home » portal » Product Firmware » Back Ends » NVR . File/Direcory File Size Date .. -2018-11-08 [1st generation iDS DeepinMind] -2020-04-10 [2nd generation iDS DeepinMind] -2020-10-26 [4G Dongle] -2018-11-20 [76 77 86 96 NI-ST XT RT SP] Netra -2020-10-13 [76 77 86 NI-K] -2020-03-30 [76 77 96 NI-I] -2020-10-15 [7100NI-E1] -2019-01-30 [7600NI-E1(E2) 7700NI-E4] -2018-11-20 [7600NI-E1-A] All ...

File/Direcory File Size Date .. -2020-07-15: DVR-K71_K72_-ML_STD_V3.5.32_Build_180129.zip : 31.98MB: 2019-03-19: DVR-K71_K72_EUROPE-ML_STD_V3.5.32_Build_180310.zip

6DX2 PanoVu amera Firmware V5.5.94 build191112 Features 1. New Features Remove the EIS function for DS-2D6D82G0-IH(S) and DS-2XM6D82G0-I(M)(S)(/ND). ompatibility Update Tested NVRs: DS-7608NI-E1/8P/M V3.4.96_171130 DS-7732NI-E4/16P V3.4.101_181024 DS-7616NI-Q2/16P V3.4.100 build 180310 DS-7616NI-Q1 V3.4.100 build 180310

I have a NVR hikvision, connected to 3 camera via cable POE. The NVR cameras have it's own internal network (192.168.200.XXX), different from my home network and record in a HDD the video flux. additionally I have a dummy onvif camera working in home network eg. IP 192.168.1.XXX. The question is: will be possible to add the ONVIF camera using home network IP in NVR in order to save also the ...

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